DepressionAm I depressed?  If you are asking yourself this question, you have likely felt sadness, and others may have pointed out that you just don’t seem to be yourself, you just don’t seem to be happy.  Depression is more than just the blues.  When you are depressed you may lack interest in things you used to do, it can be difficult to get up the energy to simply get out of bed or take care of your appearance or your home.  You may sleep too much, or simply not be able to get to sleep much of the time.  It may be difficult to focus at school or work.  Your thoughts may return to ‘I’m worthless, I’ve failed’, etc.  You may have guilty feelings dominate your days.  You may even dwell on death, or have considered taking your own life to end the pain.  Some people who are depressed come across as angry or hyper.

Depression is like the common cold of mental health – because it is seen so often.  However, depression is treatable.  A combination of psychotherapy (counseling) and possibly antidepressant medication can help you to feel better and discover the joy in life.