“Huh?” – How to not listen when you have ADHD

Understanding how a person with ADHD has difficulty sustaining attention can be key to avoiding frustration by teachers, parents, loved ones, and friends. If you have ADHD, a licensed mental health professional can help you with strategies to maximize your attention span and your listening skills. 3 Ways to Not Listen

Its Important to Discuss the Reality of School Shootings with Your Kids

  River Park Psychology Consultants psychologist Molly Allen, PsyD, was recently interviewed by a local CBS affiliate about tips to talking to your kids about the recent school shooting.  This is advice that can be applied to a variety of major news stories – especially involving tragedies and catastrophes. Its Important to Discuss the Reality […]

Talking to Kids about Mass Shootings

Unfortunately, this week we all had to go through this again. Helpful advice for helping kids deal with the unimaginable news of another mass shooting.

When to seek psychotherapy

It can be difficult to decide if what you are experiencing is just ‘the blues’, or you have simply been stressed or worried by issues at home, work, or your community.  However, there are some guidelines about when it may be best to seek the help of a qualified mental health professional. For more information […]

Stress in America

The American Psychological Association does periodic research on what stresses Americans, but more importantly, what people in this country can do to more effectively deal with stress.    For more information go to : Stress in America Press Room   Note in particular the tabs on “Getting Involved”, “Finding Support”, and “Managing Stress”.

Natural Methods to Help with Maintaining a Better Mood

Many people are quick to seek out psychiatric medications when they have mood problems (depression or anxiety).  While these medications do have their place (and no one is expected to simply ‘gut it out’), it is also important to remember that we have many ways to help maintain a healthy mood.  It may take a […]