Linsey Norton, LMSW

Linsey Norton, LMSW

Specializing in holistic treatment approach uniting the body and the mind, Linsey offers clients tools to meet them wherever they are in life. We all need help at some point. Clients learn skills to help cope with chronic pain and illness, in ourselves or in a loved one.  Also assists those struggling with insecurities, relationships, family roles, and setting appropriate boundaries. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by life as a whole, or by one part that is throwing the rest out of balance, help is available.

Areas of focus include anxiety and depression, coping, somatic symptom and health anxiety, and chronic pain and illness!


Linsey employs mindfulness and meditation, autogenics, emotional freedom tapping, visualization, sensory therapies, writing and creative expression, lifestyle therapies, and others to help you increase your ability to cope.

Nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, six in social work, and two in therapeutic practice allow Linsey to help clients with a variety of issues impacting health, family, career, relationships and other important life struggles. We all struggle, but no one should face that struggle alone.

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