John Leenay, PsyD

I have 30 plus years of experience doing psychological, ADHD, and neuropsychological testing.

I work with teenagers, adults, and seniors.


I use evidence (research) based, practical strategies to work with people with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, relationship problems, memories of abuse or trauma, stress, and/or other problems using an individualized approach comfortable for you.

Can also use meditation and other strategies, suitable for you, to relieve the pain of these conditions as well as physical pain.  


ADHD Testing


Psychological Testing — for best diagnosis and treatment recommendations



Neuropsychological Testing — for people with memory and other cognitive problems as well as to assess for judgment, decision making, and the ability to live independently — including disability evaluations


Pre surgical evaluations


Expert in Rehabilitation Psychology working with people with physical disabilities such as chronic pain, stroke, head injury, orthopedic injuries, and the like.  

 Please call Dr. John Leenay at (316) 616-0260 to determine how we can best work together to better manage your concerns.