Bruce Nystrom, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Wichita Kansas


Dr. Bruce Nystrom

I am in a private emphasizing psychological evaluations. I conduct pre-employment evaluations and fitness for duty evaluations for law enforcement agencies and a wide variety of other referral sources. I conduct disability evaluations specializing in veterans’ services and independent examinations. I do quite a few forensic evaluations for sentencing or charging mitigation. I have worked with sex offender cases, both in evaluation and treatment, for some time. I am involved in crisis intervention services especially for first responders as well as maintained a caseload of cognitive-behavioral therapy cases.

I am very interested in participating in psychological association work. I have twice been the president of the Kansas Psychological Association and have been the Federal Adovacy Coordinator for Kansas for 18 years. I am on the board of directors for Division 31, State Psychological and Territorial Associations. I just ended six years on the Council of Representatives for Kansas and am currently heading a Work Group making recommendations about APA policies and procedures concerning governance. This work is emphasizing transparency, nimbleness, increased efficiency, and accountability in APA governance.

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