The Six Most Overlooked Relationship Killers

To grow your relationship, it is the small things, built up over time that make the difference. I’d like to add one to this article – Avoid showing contempt to your partner. Eye-rolling, sarcasm in your voice, put-downs – Should all be off limits.  Show your partner support and respect, and you will reap rewards. […]

Couples Who Seem to be Constantly in Conflict, and Why

When individuals tell us that they “can’t” get out of a dysfunctional relationship, we translate that to ‘you really don’t want to leave your partner’, or ‘ you’re not ready’.  This article describes how unhealthy management of negative feelings (such as anger) keep people in bad relationships. #1 Reason Angry Couples Stay Together

Terrible Tantrums – How to Survive your Toddler

This article is short and sweet, because busy moms and dads of toddlers can’t be expected to read parenting advice as long as those books about boy wizards.  Follow this advice, and you just might keep your sanity.   How to Handle Toddler Tantrums