12 Things Happy People Do Differently

One of my favorite things in this short article is the advice to compare yourself with an earlier version of yourself – rather than comparing yourself to others. Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed Psychologist 12 Things Happy People Do Differently –And Why I Started Doing them – by Jacob Sokol

“Psychological Teflon”

Often people seek to try to build a life free of disappointments, struggle, or pain.  I don’t advocate that one go out to find ‘trouble’, but it is important to  enhance coping skills so that you can build a happier life.  This article suggests ways to do that.  Of course, when you hit a rough patch […]

Helping Patients Manage Pain

This recent article in Medscape proposes some techniques that pain patients can use to be more comfortable. Medscape Medical News > Conference News “Five-Step Plan Helps Patients Cope With Pain Nancy A. Melville     LAS VEGAS — A critical component in the treatment of chronic pain is teaching patients strategies for coping with the pain, […]

The Healing Goes on For September 11, 2001

For the victims, their families and friends, their communities, and for all of us, the legacy of 9/11 is to support each other.   Voices of September 11, 9/11 Living Memorial Project

5 Signs that you are being emotionally abused, or that you are the abuser

When I work with patients in psychotherapy, I am often faced with teaching them that to know themselves, they have to understand their own feelings.  In that vein, another person telling you, “You shouldn’t feel that way”, is the lamest response ever, and is borderline abusive.  Life is too short to fill up with dysfunctional […]