Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted to Video Games

Do you know someone who seems to be addicted to video games? According to the American Medical Association, up to 90 percent of American youth play video games. And of those teens and young adults, up to 15 percent may be addicted. Video gaming addiction is not dissimilar to other addictions, in that they all […]


I admit that a few years ago, when young patients would come into my office and talk about ‘hooking-up’, I naively thought they were speaking of meeting friends for innocent social get-togethers. Once one of them informed me the meaning of the term ‘hooking up’ (ie – one-night-stand) the ‘old fogey’ in me came up. […]

Back to School-From Elementary to Middle School

It’s that time of the summer when parents think “Yes, only a few short weeks until school begins,” while kids are thinking, “ugh, only a few weeks until school starts.” If you have a fifth- or sixth-grader who’s transitioning to middle school…well, that can be a big leap. As parents, we may have forgotten just […]

One of the Keys to Happiness

One part of the serenity prayer in 12 step programs (Alcoholics Anonymous) is: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” Not only those persons with substance abuse, but all of us are faced with learning to accept things that are out of our control. Therefore, it could be argued that  the […]

Can Exercise Help you Deal with Anxiety?

In this recent article from the New York Times, research suggests that exercise, again, can be a natural, helpful way to deal with stress and anxiety.   How Exercise can Calm Anxiety