Confidence is not What You Think it is

The habits of people who are truly secure, capable, and effective are to be admired.  These are qualities that you can cultivate in yourself, and nurture in others.     9 Qualities of Truly Confident People

Identify Bad Employees Before They Become a Major Problem

“Good fit” in a workplace environment is all about the technical skills, aptitude, drive, and ‘people skills’ that create harmony and a productive environment.  In these tough economic times, it can be easy for an employer to simply abandon employees who may be older, earn a higher wage than a new-hire, or are simply an […]

The Best First Line Treatment of ADHD in Very Young Children

Information sourced from Journal Watch: The Best First-Line Treatment of ADHD in Very Young Children Preschoolers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or disruptive behaviors seem to do well with parent behavior training. Behavior problems in preschoolers are increasingly acknowledged, especially in structured day care and preschools where nonprimary caretakers notice the aberrant behaviors. To assess the best […]