Top 10 Things You Can Learn About Love from a Dog

Recently, an Affenpinscher named Banana Joe won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Like Bo Obama, he’s become a media darling! Famous dogs make us smile, melt our hearts and often help us realize how much we love our own dogs. We can learn a lot about life by watching animals; ants teach us industry, […]

A Day in a Wheelchair

Disability Advocates remind us that it is nearly impossible for those of us who are not handicapped to understand what it is like to have to rely on a wheelchair, day in and day out.  This experiment helped a college student, and a small private college in California understand a little more about the dillemas […]

Understanding Anger After A Disaster or Trauma

Traumatic events are typically physically and emotionally exhausting, and assaultive. But it’s the anger that lingers after the smoke has cleared that can be the most painful. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the destruction of a home, a life-threatening diagnosis or other life issues, the anger that ensues can be difficult and […]

Bully Bosses – Is there Hope?

This is a pretty dark and bleak article about the effects a ‘bully boss’ has upon a workplace.  I have noticed that a lot of managers either have no business training, poor instruction as to how to manage people, or have an ‘agenda’ to try to drive away dedicated employees in favor of a cheaper […]