Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress

This is an article I came by that eloquently describes how we can all harness and use our potential.   Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed Psychologist Nine Ways Successful People Defeat Stress  

Holiday Stress Getting To You? You’re Not Alone

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2011 Stress in America survey, 22 percent of Americans report that they are experiencing extreme stress. The holiday season often only adds to that anxiety. While many people enjoy the holiday season and really get into the cheerful, giving mood, many people have the opposite reaction and dread this […]

Holiday Gift-Buying On A Budget

To quote The Beatles, “Money can’t buy me love.” When it comes to holiday gift-giving, we all know in our hearts that pricey presents don’t make a holiday perfect, even if it is for that family member you can’t stand. Yet, many of us still get trapped in that spending abyss—charging up the credit cards […]

Seizure/Depression control with ‘Remote’ Therapy

From Medscape: San Diego, California  —  A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) course that includes a mindfulness component and is offered by phone and over the Internet significantly decreased the incidence of major depression and even reduced seizure severity in patients with epilepsy, a new randomized controlled trial has shown. CBT teaches patients to be aware of how […]