10 ‘Fun’, Psychologically Disturbed Halloween Costume Choices

Halloween is generally a fun time for adults, but especially for kids. The idea of getting sackfuls of candy just by dressing up and uttering to some clueless adult those immortal words, “trick or treat” is a kid’s dream come true. Besides, the kid hasn’t had this much candy at once since Easter. And whether […]

Psychiatric Medications – Making them work

I end up talking to many people who have been on psychiatric medications for years and years, often without having ever been in psychotherapy to work on their coping skills.  I believe that psychotropics can help a lot of people by way of relieving their suffering.  And, it is true that the vast majority of […]

A Positive Workplace and You

In this tough economy workers are being asked to do more with a lot less. Rather than being focused solely upon the dollars and cents of each small decision, investment in workers’ well-being is often what makes a company strong. Those companies that show their value for their employees are probably going to be the ones that […]