A Quick Guide to Anxiety

Patients often ask us if they ‘worry too much’.  When worry becomes a big problem, it may actually be an anxiety disorder.  This slide show summarizes the key points about anxiety disorders. Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed Psychologist “A Visual Guide to Generalized Anxiety Disorder“

Age Related Depression Triggers

At the end of this slideshow there a few simple tips for raising mood, should you have some sadness or very mild depression. Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed Psychologist Spot these age-related depression cues

Handling ‘problem’ people – 5 ideas

  We are often asked by patients to help them deal with what amounts to ‘problem’ people who annoy, inconvenience, and otherwise are distractions. Most of the time the unspoken request is to change the other person – “Make him/her stop!” However it is almost always the case that it is the one who is […]

What’s Pain Got to Do With It? (Psychotherapy & Pain Control)

“May 2011: The World Health Organization says undertreated pain is America’s #1 public health problem Department of Health and Human Services says that patients with chronic pain outnumber patients with heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined” (case reports – 1/28/12, N. Sajben, MD) I am a person with Transverse Myelitis, and I have used a […]

How Can We Prevent Suicide?

  National Institue of Mental Health publication on the facts of suicide in the US – including what has been shown to help prevent suicides.   River Park Psychology   Suicide in America – Frequently Asked Questions