Why Don’t Men Ask for Directions?

The U.S. Department of Transportation funded a study about driving and the results are both interesting and amusing. Seems about 40 percent of the time people spend driving and 20 percent of the miles we drive are due to “navigational failures.” This is a polite way of saying the drivers were lost. Now, many people […]

Talking to Your Children About the Recent Notorious Shooting

The recent senseless violence in Colorado has prompted a flurry of requests regarding how we take care of ourselves when stressed by such bad news, and how we talk to our kids about this incident, and other news items that they may find overwhelming.  Attached are links that may be useful   Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed Psychologist American […]

Cultivating Success

It makes good common sense that the interpersonal supports we maintain in our life, and the talent that we cultivate in ourselves, help to reinforce our success.  By this I am not focusing merely on financial success.  However, I am more interested in cultivating happiness, contentment, pride in accomplishments, responsibility, and a capacity for kindness.  […]

Electronic Healthcare Records & Psychologists

Electronic Health Records & Psychology     As the word moves forward with ever-increasing use of digital forms of communication and record-keeping, it makes sense that the healthcare industry will most likely adopt electronic health records as a basic standard.  What this will mean for patients, providers, and the public at large is unclear. Possible […]