Hoarding: What to Look For and How to Get Help

Between the two reality TV series “Hoarders” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” there’s more awareness of hoarding and its effects on a hoarder’s life. What the TV shows don’t delve into is that there’s so much more to hoarding than just collecting lots of stuff. Hoarding is a mental illness that involves more than “being a […]

Child Sexual Abuse II: Resiliency & Prevention

In light of recent news events about Penn State coach Sandusky’s conviction for sexual abuse of children, the following article offers information about how to minimize the potential for children to be mistreated. Molly Allen, PsyD   Child Sexual Abuse II:  Resiliency & Prevention

Expert Offers Answers on Alzheimer’s Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis, & Treatment

June 20, 2012 Expert Offers Insight on Alzheimer’s Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment Mayo Clinic psychologist Glenn E. Smith, PhD, answers five questions Courtesy of the American Psychological Association Introduction Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic brain disease that gradually erodes an individual’s memory, intellectual abilities and personality. As of 2012, an estimated 5.2 million Americans […]

When Seeing the World as Good is Bad

  The recent trial of Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky brought up the issue of ‘why do we blame the victim’.  Ie – the defense seemed motivated to portray the victims as bad people.  This article helps to explain how our drive to see the world as a fair and just place sometimes causes us […]

Cautions for Alcohol Abuse and Some Weight Loss Surgery Patients

For bariatric (weight loss) surgery patients, a pre-surgical psychological evaluation is often used.  This sort of exam helps determine if some pre-existing condition may pose some problems for post-surgery compliance.  Screening for alcohol abuse is part of such an exam, and this article helps to explain why.  Molly Allen, PsyD Gastric Bypass for Weight Loss Increases Alcohol Abuse

10 Ways To Keep The Kids Busy During The Summer

It’s Summer, a time most kids wish lasted all year and most parents wish didn’t last so long. Every summer parents are faced with answering the immortal question, “What do we do with the kids?” and “How do I keep from pulling my hair out when they say things like ‘I’m bored’”? Well, here are […]