How To Manage Stress

Stress.  Just saying the word can induce it. With all the stresses we endure everyday– less sleep, more work, less leisure, raising kids, marriage issues, less exercise, junk/processed foods eaten on the run, traffic jams, flight delays—there’s really no way we can avoid it. According to Dr. Bruce Nystrom, that is not the point. The […]

On Line Support Resources for ‘Orphan’ Diseases

On-line Support Resources for ‘Orphan’ Diseases April 2012 Satisfying connections with others are what most of us strive to develop.  In this electronic era, we can feel way too connected – unable to shake off the ‘leash’ to other people that smart phones have become.  And, sometimes we can feel very alone, noticing a big, […]

10 Thoughts That May Be Stressing You Out

I regularly teach my patients that the words “should”, and “can’t” have very little use when it comes to building a happy life. That means, there are few things I ‘should’ do, other than breathe, eat regularly, and wear clothes when out in public.  I ‘can’t’ play linebacker in the NFL, or (since I’m middle […]

Ready for Divorce?

I see many individuals in my practice who were legally divorced long ago, but still have many unresolved connections with their former spouse.  When these ‘loose ends’ negatively affect the kids, it is crucial for former partners to do all they can to finally close the marriage chapter of their lives, and move on.  This […]

Asperger’s Syndrome: Symptoms and Characteristics

  Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), or Asperger’s Disorder, is a mild form of autism. Since it is also a mental health issue, AS may require treatment to help the person learn to mix in with society and communicate better. Asperger’s is usually diagnosed in childhood or early teenage years and is characterized by social impairment, isolation […]

Egotistical self-worth spurs racism and homophobia: study

Pride gets a bad rap, because our knee jerk reaction is that all pride is bad. However, to be genuinely proud of what you have accomplished, while not diminishing who others are, and what they have worked for in their own lives, that is what makes a person’s pride a source of strength for themselves […]

Does Yoga Reduce Anxiety?

Scientific Research indicating that an ancient practice really does help with one’s sense of well-being – Molly Allen, PSyD  

Web Resources to Help Teens Avoid Self-Injury

Self mutilation is a symptom that involved individuals deliberating causing themselves bodily harm in a misguided attempt to deal with psychological pain.  Available on line resources have proved helpful, especially for teens who wish to overcome this problem. – Molly Allen, PsyD Self Injury Outreach and Support