How to Identify a Verbally/Psychologically Abusive Relationship

This is a good resource for individuals who may wondering whether or not they are in an abusive relationship. To be supportive of a friend or family member who is most likely being abused by a partner, it is important to remember to first draw some healthy boundaries, and also to ‘be there’ for the […]

Looking at Why a Death of a Pet Can Be Devastating

Loss of a close family member is almost always hard. This article is a sensitive look at how a person grieving the loss of a beloved pet can move from passive misery to all the actions that bring a brighter future. – Molly Allen, PsyD The death of pet can hurt as much as the […]

Five Ways to Let Go of Negative Thinking

Our past experiences/learning, belief systems, and events have shaped our lives and contribute to helping us make sense of the world. Most of the time these mindsets help us to maintain a moral compass, weather adversity, form strong relationships and find happiness. Sometimes, though, it is easy to get stuck in negative thoughts or in […]

Toxic Couple Relationships

Below are links to a series on how to identify whether or not you are in a “Toxic Couple Relationship”, and what to do to take steps to improve or exit the relationship. – Molly Allen, PsyD   Toxic Couple Relationships – Five Protective Neural Patterns & Role Scripts – part 1 of 4 […]