Find Motivation to Rise above Roadblocks

For many people getting motivated and staying that way is a challenge. Some days just getting up the gumption to accomplish tasks or finish projects is a chore. Whether it is stripping the wallpaper in the bedroom, finishing a job at work or gathering the year’s receipts for taxes, sometimes our get up and go, […]

Depression: The Symptoms and How To Help

By River Park Psychology Depression is an ugly SOB sometimes considered the common cold of mental illness. The fact is, most people will be affected by depression at some point in their lives, either in themselves or with someone close. Telling someone with depression to just snap out of it is like telling someone with […]

Combat Boredom Eating

Combat Eating out of Boredom People who have weight problems are often guilty of eating out of habit when they are bored.  If that is you, take some easy steps to structure your snacks. Put it on a plate.  If you are truly hungry, or it is time for a scheduled snack, portion-control-it by taking […]

How To Get Your Being In Shape

Let’s face it: getting fit can give you fits. Relentless exercising and dieting, saying “no” to chocolate and “yes” to more broccoli is enough to question what God was thinking when He made it easy to gain weight and tough to lose it. Now that swimsuit season is officially upon us, it’s even more frustrating. […]

Hunger is More Than an Empty Belly

I’m in a unique position to observe and comment on hunger. I am not an eating disorder specialist, but I am a psychologist with over 20 years of experience. And, I have a rare neurological condition that has affected my relationship with food. For most of my life I struggled with being overweight – then […]

How Celebrities Help Us Battle Mental Illness

For better or worse, when a prominent figure reveals his struggle with mental illness, the world listens.  Hopes. Empathizes. Relates. Those who are coping with the same illness appreciate the public sharing of his pain and suffering and realize, thankfully, that they are not alone. When a celebrity emerges from rehab scarred, but no worse […]

Advocating for your mental health

When seeking mental health services, there may be some parts of your mental health treatment process that are out of your control; for instance, what your insurance will and will not cover, and your choice of therapists. These realities may cause a number of reactions, including depression and anxiety. Once you decide on a therapist […]

Psychologists and other Professionals help Patients Maintain Long Term Weight Loss

From Medscape: “Meaningful, Long-term Weight Loss Is Possible: Look AHEAD Marlene Busko January 02, 2014 The 8-year weight-loss results from the Look AHEAD: Action for Health in Diabetes study of overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes suggest it is possible to lose and keep weight off with a program of intensive lifestyle counseling, […]

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Many therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy when they treat their clients. This is a common type of mental health counseling used to explore inaccurate or negative thinking in order to view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them in a more effective way. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be a very helpful […]

High Calorie Food and Tough Times

I notice that a lot of my patients are soothing frayed nerves and unhappiness with over-eating. This just sets up a vicious cycle of shame when the pounds add up on the scale. The following article does a nice job summing up part of the psychology of over-eating in tough times. Molly Allen, PsyD Licensed […]